wrap up

i have been composing and recomposing posts over the past week. they swirl in my mind but nothing seems fitting enough to push the birth announcement of our newest farm baby elowyn pearl smith down the page. what my friends could be more interesting or compelling than a bugtussle babe?

nothing. nothing. nothing.

alas, it has been a week. a week of sleepless beauty for my buddies in bugtussle. a week of cuddling and greeting the world for their 4th child and a week of farm life for each of us.

so, i will write and move the image of the newborn farm babe down the page a notch.

here in the hollow we are wrapping up, the garlic planting, the last great farm task of the season, is near complete. the field crops are winding down and the high tunnels are full of hope for late season bounty. i am spending the final moments in my dye studio, a place born and treasured here in the 2015 season. a spot that welcomed our farm’s first ever indigo dyeing workshop, and a nook that i have sought day after day as i tried to develop a new farm enterprise.


the japanese indigo is setting seed, the goldenrod is passed, and now i am playing with the delightful marigolds:  strong in scent and offering a deep golden yellow.


it has been a great year full of life and color. a few more dye vats and i will close the studio for the season and prepare in earnest to attend our first ever fiber show SAFF in the meantime, a few more thousand garlic cloves beckon so off i head. a good end of season indeed.


right now: still dyeing

the indigo season is just about passed. we have discovered over the years that once the plants start going to seed the intensity of blue stored in it’s leaves diminishes. shed not a tear friends because this coincides with the goldenrod flowering! yellow is nice and we dye a fair bit of yellow yarn certainly. the excitement of goldenrod yellow paired with home grown kentucky blue however is the truest delight: all shades of green.



{hands on} one for the little guy

everyone in my family understood this was not the year they would be receiving hand knits. not a one. you see,  one of the “perks” for contributing to our crowd funding campaign was a hand knit hat and it took every moment of winter knitting to make and send over 30. my family cheered me on, all except my littlest. he wanted new mittens, a new hat, a new hand knit anything for himself.

i put him off for all of these winter months and finally, when spring showed herself and really i had no more time for knitting, i cast on pilly’s striped hat.

pilhatincorporating his favorite naturally dyed goldenrod yellow, the bright color matches his personality perfectly. i mean really friends, how can you say no to this cuteness?