good as gold

the weather turned autumnal here over the weekend. the final push of drizzle left us with my absolute favorite conditions:  crisp cool air, bright sun and the knowledge that more days like this will come. ahhh. fall in kentucky, perfect. another delight of early autumn is the flowering goldenrod that lines our roads and pastures. a weed you might think, but a valuable one for anyone with white yarn. the golden color that comes from it’s dye bath is supreme and the shades of green achievable from over dyeing an indigo blue skein are vibrant.


we have some dear friends that transitioned 40 some acres of pastureland into a native prairie through the national conservation reserve program.  the acreage is absolutely full of goldenrod. without debating the success or failure of the CRP protocol,  we decided to join them for a morning of picking and dyeing with the plant they now have in abundance.

DSCN1296friends willing to work with us on this awesome seasonal project and a couldn’t be lovelier fall day made a great combination.

DSCN1307better than gold actually, much better.





to dye for

my arms have been elbow deep in the dye pot these past days and wow has it been awesome. our interest in natural dyeing has been growing for quite a few years and for the past 4 of those we have been growing and dyeing with japanese indigo, polygonum tinctorium. my love of natural dye work took on new meaning when we finally had yarn spun from our own sheep in my hands. turning those first skeins blue changed my life! now we harvest and dye with wild goldenrod as well so august, just before the indigo plant flowers, you will forever find us, cutting, simmering, oxygenating, mordanting, scouring, all of it, for late summer is now truly to dye for!

photo 1










to create this beauty from the leaves of plants we grew and the flowers we wild harvested with yarn from sheep we raised and sheared. friends, words can not describe. really. it has been a wonderful week indeed. crafters note, extremely limited quantity of our yarn and other wool products are for sale at our etsy store 





right now:: mordanting at midnight

the time is now for natural dyeing around here. our crop of japanese indigo is perfect and the goldenrod is just starting to flower. i guess i don’t have to mention the tomatoes are rolling in so it is also canning time. sheesh. daylight hours are not enough, so i find myself scouring and mordanting yarn in the wee hours.

DSCN1100the color we are achieving is beyond words…more on that later…