right now :: handspun

There is indigo in the garden. Ready. Ready for me to utilize it’s magic blue. Now, thanks to Robin’s knowledge and experimentation with using indigo as a dye plant, I’ve got the know-how to turn some of my yarn blue. The only small problem was that I didn’t have any of my own light colored yarn to turn blue. Now I do…IMGP1948 IMGP1959 IMGP1964And now it’s time to turn it blue!


IMG_4869IMG_4871IMG_4875I’ve got my eye on two of my Shetland lambs. Actually, I’ve got my eye on their wool. They were born fairly early in the spring, and their fleece is already quite long, so I am inspired to give my new hand shears a whirl. And my very dusty hand cards, that were acquired all those years ago when we had Lincoln sheep, but before I knew how to knit and spin and therefore didn’t have quite the appetite for yarn. So, before the season turns too cold and the lambs have time to re-grow their wool a bit, I’m going to get myself some fleece to play with and create with throughout the winter. Of course, the two that I would like to shear were not bottle-fed, and therefore do not behave like big affectionate dogs, so I’m trying my best to feel inspired to catch the wild ones (football gear may be required) and take them to the parlor. And then, bliss of all bliss, my spinning wheel and I are going to get very cozy by the fire.