{hands on} my spring hat

I love hats. But with the weather warming up so considerably, my winter woolen hats were just a little too warm. So I rummaged in my yarn stash and found this cotton/rayon/silk blend yarn that somebody passed along to me. Then I searched awhile on my favorite knitting resource, Ravelry, and found this hat pattern. It is called “the Camden Cap” by Wooly Wormheads. It’s a great pattern and I really love the outcome. (For some reason, my hyperlink function on the blog is not working right now so I’m unable to link up directly to the pattern. Sorry!) And I figure that even though I’m a grubby farmer girl, it doesn’t hurt to be a little stylish! IMGP0756 IMGP0761 IMGP0764 IMGP0765Now, with these lovely spring rains subsiding just a bit, I’m going to put on my fancy new hat and go look for some dry land fish (morels!). Have a lovely day!

hands on :: stripes

strthese cozy moments of knitting are coming to an end. soon. but not yet.


i can’t tell you how much i LOVE striping into this hat with my hand dyed indigo yarn. hmmm. must be about time to sow a flat or two of my favorite dye plants. just when the knitting season draws to a close, the dyeing season begins!



hands on. hats.

Tis the season… for hats. I’ve found a new pattern, for a balaclava, that I’m a little obsessed with. I made one for Eric first, because he was in need of something just like this… close-fitting, not bulky, warm, and versatile. Kind of like a good pair of long underwear. He can wear the hat alone, but it’s stream-lined enough to put an additional hat or hood over the top of for an extra layer of warmth. The hat can be worn many ways, too. It can be worn as it was designed to be worn, as a combo neck and head warmer. But, it can also be folded up to wear as a simple hat. You can also pull the neck part up over your face to block the wind, which is perfect for when he tools around in the golf cart or on the tractor. IMG_8560IMG_8561

I found myself so envious of Eric’s hat, that I just had to make one for myself as well. I wore it for the first time this morning when I went to milk Lilly, and it was just perfect. IMG_8544IMG_8545IMG_8542IMG_8551

And then, we have the most prolific hat maker in the household… Opal. She can whip out hats at a fairly brisk pace. And they are all of her own design. She improvises as she goes. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don’t. But when they don’t fit her just like she wants, she quickly decides who the lucky recipient of her creations will be. I have a feeling that our dear friends and neighbors, Jesse and Hannah, who are expecting their first child very soon, will never be short on hats for their new baby. IMG_8509IMG_8550IMG_8552One can never have too many hats!!!! And I think Sparrow might be a little jealous of Opal’s fashion statement…