hands on :: let the elving begin!

It’s that time of year again.

I’m pulling out all the bits and pieces.  The colors that haven’t found a home yet.  The patterns I always wanted to try.

Here’s the first….cowl

This is the Leyla cowl.  The pattern is in Crochet One Skein Wonders by Judith Duran and Edie Eckman crocheted with a nice cotton/silk blend from the Deborah Norville collection.

I don’t know whose stocking this belongs in yet, but I’m sure it will find a home.

so full of light

December rain. That’s what we’ve got going on here. A thunderstorm right on the brink of Christmas. Seriously. The wind is gusting; howling even. The weather feels very unsettled, but more like spring than winter. Looks like another non-white Christmas in Bugtussle this year. We’ll have to settle for mud instead. Ah, well… there are worse things.

Despite the rain and the mud and the perpetually gray skies (although the sun did shine a few days ago!!) and the dark nights made even darker by the new moon and the short days this time of year brings… I am finding that my days are filled with so much light. Not just the kind of light that you plug into an outlet, but light…

There have been lots of candles and little lights on the solstice tree. Glasses of wine and chocolate chip cookies. A turkey feast with Jesse and Hannah (who are working really hard to bring that baby into this world right this very minute!!!) There have been presents and glowing faces. A new puppy for Ira. Stories by the fire and warm cups of tea. There’s excited anticipation for a trip to Gammy’s for Christmas, ’cause Gammy knows how to make things magical for little kids (and big kids, too). So much goodness. So much light.IMGP0088IMGP0050IMGP0090IMGP0101IMGP0062IMGP0085So, friends, from all of us to all of you, have the happiest of holidays. However you choose to celebrate them, may you feel the light surround you… and then bask in it. 



IMG_5676IMG_5607IMG_5598IMG_5665IMG_5588IMG_5689IMG_5675IMG_5621The past few weeks have been filled to the brim. Full of family and friends, parties and travel, and more cups of eggnog than I can count. Our humble little home has gone from messy to clean to messy to clean and every stage in between. We’ve rearranged our indoor world to make room for our Solstice tree (It was a ten foot cedar that Ira selected and chopped down with his ax. And for visual reference, our entire living/dining room is just 15′ x 20′. I’m not sure how it fit, but it did and was so nice.) We rearranged again when the tree was removed to make more play space so the little people that live here have a zone for some special new loot.  And we rearranged yet again when a special piece of my grandfather’s furniture was brought home and nestled into the mix. (All of this rearranging and organizing strikes a seriously deep and satisfied chord with the virgo in me. And just in time for the new year. I’m getting off to a good start, at least!) We’ve been busy crafting and playing games, reading stories and stoking fires. And drinking more eggnog. We’re celebrating the return of the light and full of wonder about what this New Year holds for us. We are full to bursting, and there’s still more to come!

This evening, as the sun was setting on the final day of 2013, I strolled down to the creek, watched the light in the sky fade, and said a fond farewell to the year. It was a good one.IMG_5683IMG_5684

Wishing you a blessed New Year that is full of all of the people and places and moments that you hold most dear. Cheers!