she tends a garden

Back in the winter, when Eric and I were pouring over seed catalogs and envisioning what our gardens might look like, Opal asked if she could order some flower seeds. Sure, we said. So she picked out what she wanted and they were ordered. As soon as the seeds arrived, which was still in the heart of winter, Opal began asking when she could plant her flowers… Not yet, darlin’, it’s still winter. And she asked… Not yet, sweetie, we’re still getting frosts. And she asked… It’s almost time, Opal, be patient. Finally the day came when Eric decided the time was right for Opal’s flower garden. Unless she finally wore him down with all of her asking, as children will sometimes do! Eric even went so far as to make a small rock wall, creating a little raised bed for his persistent daughter. Then “her” garden space was clearly defined. My goodness, was (is) she ever protective of that precious little space!IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6713As soon as she planted the seeds, she covered the entire flower bed up with some of our plant trays to ward off Ira’s rogue chickens and curious ducks. Every day, she would remove the trays to see if anything was germinating. Her excitement at seeing the first little sprout was beyond comparison. IMG_6714Once her rows of flowers were clearly germinating, she set to weeding. That child has the most weed-free well tended garden on the farm, except for maybe for Eric’s sweet potato patch, and I still think she’s got him beat!IMG_7303As she tends, Opal grows peaceful and calm. Her intuition seems to guide her more strongly than any instruction Eric or I could offer. She seems to sense what the plants need, and the loving energy she puts into her work isn’t just helping her flowers grow. Through this process, she’s growing, too. IMG_7304FYI… it seems that a bathing suit is the choice attire for tending a flower garden. Just in case you were wondering.IMG_7305 IMG_7306Opal doesn’t have any blooms in her flower patch yet, but it won’t be long. And when she does, watch out Richland Park Farmer’s Market… there’s a new farmer on the block! She’ll be selling her bouquets there, and I’m pretty sure they will be irresistible!


IMG_7091Opal has been finding inspiration in moths lately. She’s started her very own moth checklist to keep help keep track of all the ones she has identified. It was all her own idea, and from this homeschooling mama’s perspective it seems like a pretty good biology lesson. So her inspiration inspires me to keep my moth-eyes open for the benefit of her learning (and mine, too!) the species of moths that we share this farm with.

Coincidentally, we’ve just inherited a jar containing various stages of silk worms / moths for our continued learning. I don’t know the first thing about raising the little critters, but with my trusty helper Opal (or maybe I should call myself her helper) we plan on figuring it out! Who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to harvest some silk that I could spin into yarn (thread?) with some of my wool. It’s fun to dream anyway.IMG_7158