right now :: hand washing with a new spin

IMG_3585I am a firm believer in resourcefulness. During a little barn cleaning, I spied my old honey extractor, and my wheels set to spinning. I don’t currently have a hive of bees that live in the confines of a Langstroth hive, and the past few times I’ve had the privilege of harvesting a portion of the bees’ hard work, I didn’t bother to remove it from the beeswax anyways. That left a big hunk of metal just sitting in a messy barn without a real “purpose” and gathering quite a lot of dust and showing evidence of being a mouse’s home for a time. And my dripping piles of hand-washed laundry were sorely in need of a good spin…IMG_3584IMG_3583So, my laundry process just got a little more exciting. And intriguing to a willing helper who had so much fun with the new spinner. I must say, it worked quite well. And if the day comes that I again need the extractor for it’s intended purpose, well it should be good and clean and ready for action! IMG_3587IMG_3592And if it weren’t for all of the bouts of rain that sort of interrupted the drying process, I’m certain my laundry would have dried in record time!!!