for Doyle’s Iris Patch.

Right here in Red Boiling Springs.iris patch 2

You might have an opinion about irises, but you might still be surprised too.  I certainly didn’t know much until I met Doyle.

He has the best collection I’ve ever seen.  iris merlot

Doyle was raised here, then went off and made a living cutting hair in Nashville.  Upon reaching retirement age, he decided to come home.  But he has not been idle.

There is about an acre of irises in his backyard.  He tries new ones, propagates the ones he likes, and shares them in all their glory with anyone who bothers to stop by.  The variety of colors and fragrances is truly a wonder.  A visit to the Iris Patch is a feast for the senses.iris brown

It’s a local treasure, and a worthy diversion for the busy gardener.

If you want to visit, it’s too late this year, but mark your calendar for Mother’s Day 2015.  You won’t be sorry.iris stripey

Thank you, Doyle.iris patch 3


openinghere’s a little inspirational reminder for all of us who have our nose to the grindstone this week, working hard while the sun shines…

If you hold your nose to the grindstone rough

and keep it down there long enough,

you’ll soon forget that there are such things

as babbling brooks and birds that sing,

and your life will then of these compose:

the grindstone rough,

and your poor old nose.