for the love of a pie, well, two pies

this is not a cooking blog, but you already know that. it is in this space that we muse on farming and parenting, homesteading and knitting. we ponder life as we roll with the seasons, we speak of things near and dear to us and we share the highs and lows of life as we engage to the fullest. on occasion, we have invited you into our kitchens , offering you glimpses into how we dine and feed our families.what follows is the tale of how a lovely pair of pies came together on a sunny spring day.


i have been wanting to make either a key lime pie or a lemon meringue pie since we first began harvesting those delightful citrus fruits here on our farm (in a greenhouse, of course!) i have baked countless confections with our abundance, but the meringue intimidated me. perhaps my fear of that recurring shoulder pain coming back to haunt me while hand whipping egg whites for all those minutes, or a lack of high volume fresh eggs, but something held me back, until Friday.


we had a love filled farmwives meeting that day . so much was gained from our get together: much needed friend time for adults and children, heart felt inspiration as we plunge into the season ahead, sharing news face to face, ahhh, the list goes on. two culinary episodes occurred as well:  the first in the form of a pavlova created by coree and devoured by all, the second, dozen upon dozen of eggs from cher. yep, with the sweet taste of my friend’s meringue on the tongue and a load of fresh eggs, i went for it. both of them. key lime pie and lemon meringue pie and one long night of baking with my most able assistant. spring never tasted so sweet.