it is the throes of our busiest time. each minute it seems is occupied with absolute must dos, the mental space to write anything is almost nonexistent.  i am compelled to write though, as i love this opportunity to put words to the thoughts brewing in my mind as i pick, process, and plant my way though these august days.


raising your children is hard work. i have traveled the globe and tended the earth, been through life and death more times than i can recount, but the soul searching, day in day out of raising my kids is definitely my most challenging journey: fear and doubt can weigh so heavily.  it is with great jubilation that i share a glimpse of the home educated, home raised, first born babe of mine as a teenager.

he turned 16 this year and with it came the right to drive. yikes. i am impressed that  my child is the one who bought his own first truck with his own hard earned, well saved, cash. heck, he even has money left to fill the tank. makes a mama proud, right?


then there is the duck coop. we are in the midst of a mild, manageable, familial obsession with ducks. our flock is still quite small, but homeless nevertheless. when our feathered friends outgrew their brooder, my boy had to take charge.


sometimes i take my son’s drive for granted, i have lived with it each day for over 16 years. the workmanship, care, design, and effort that went into this coop is beyond my description. it is by all definition a solo project, he asked for help only when he needed a ride to the wood shop up at the farm stay. the execution of this project is a true testament to this fella








he is growing up. he’s taking responsibility for himself. he treats others with respect and kindness.  there are days when i wished he was kinder to his younger sister. there are days when i beg him to be a bit more respectful to me, his mama. we are in adolescence after all. now, for just right now, i can catch a glimpse of the adult he is becoming: capable and trustworthy, kind and honest. i sail the smooth waters. for now.




inspired ~ summer

“Ye think this is the whole world? That is a good thought for sheep and mortals who dinna open their eyes.  Because in truth there are more worlds than stars in the sky.  Understand?  They are everywhere.  Some ye can see an’ some ye canna, but there are doors… They might be a hill or a tree or a stone or a turn in the road, or they might e’en be a thought in yer heid, but they are there, all aroound ye.”

~The Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchettsolstice fire3

We have crossed over the threshold into Summer.  Let’s make it a good one!

while it lasts

IMGP1509So. I can’t help but notice that the weeks are just flying by. Do you feel that way, too? Flying so fast I can hardly keep up and am simultaneously left with the feeling that I’m just not getting enough done each day. I am guilty of feeling guilty when my “productivity” falters. And the days have been remarkably gray. A grayness that kind of wraps me up and keeps me feeling subdued. The air temperatures that have come along with the grayness are somewhat cool for early June. (I hope this odd coolness keeps the lettuce from bolting before our weekend market…) And there has been good rain. Ahhhh, rain. Thank heavens for that because we were getting a little dry around these parts. So in addition to the rain, and lack of sunshine, and cooler temperatures, a sickness has been lurking about in my household. Mostly, it seems like just a cold but our littlest had a relapse into not feeling well, and with that came a pretty high fever and an episode of puking on the kitchen floor this morning. (I was thankful for ceramic tile.) She has had a couple of days of not doing much more than laying on the couch, and I can’t seem to focus on anything else other than her well-being. So I sit with her and stroke her hair. Or take her temperature from time to time. Or get her a drink. Whatever she needs. However, I will admit to indulging myself in some knitting while I sit on the couch with my girl’s sweaty brow on my lap. 

The sun will be blazing again very soon. Summer will be upon us. The tempo of the days will surely pick up again. And Olivia will, with all hopefulness, be back to her chipper little self in no time.  So, while it lasts, I’m going to stay put here at the house where my energy is most needed. I will let the gray day swallow me. I will let the time go by, like a little bird freed from the clutches of the cat. I will let the weeds grow in the garden one more day… it will be ok.IMGP1325