the farmwives kitchen

these are the leanest times on the homestead. maybe lean is not the right word, boring is really more accurate. while the cupboard still holds some canned delights and the freezer still has a smattering of this and that, we are basically sick of our winter diet. spring greens are growing, but that enormous salad that we all crave is still out of reach. miraculously the woods offer one of the tastiest treats, morel mushrooms, around here called dry land fish. my oldest is a decent forager and right after a boring breakfast of eggs, again, he fled to the hills.

when i returned to the house after a day in the gardens last week, i found this



the hundred dollar bill was laid out for scale my teenager claimed, not the assessed value!

right now :: in the kitchen

IMG_2376The clash of the seasons; a baked sweet potato (the remains of winter) with a healthy dollop of butter, along side (just picked) seared asparagus and a morel mushroom fried in butter. Sprinkle on a little salt, and you’ve just found heaven.

This morning, my boy Ira found five morels… “One for each member of the family” says he. So we cooked them whole, and doled them out accordingly, one on each plate. What a gracious fellow, sharing such a treat with his family.