right now :: handspun

There is indigo in the garden. Ready. Ready for me to utilize it’s magic blue. Now, thanks to Robin’s knowledge and experimentation with using indigo as a dye plant, I’ve got the know-how to turn some of my yarn blue. The only small problem was that I didn’t have any of my own light colored yarn to turn blue. Now I do…IMGP1948 IMGP1959 IMGP1964And now it’s time to turn it blue!

the vision realized

the week gone by is really beyond words. the level of intensity required to achieve what we wanted was pretty high.  usually my man and i mediate each other. when one is pushing into superhuman mode, the other stops, makes tea, cooks some nourishing food. this time, not so. we were both so driven to accomplish, we went through these past days kind of, sort of, unstoppable. to the dear 2015 hill and hollow crew:  you deserve  the highest of accolades. the first of many events at the now blessed hill and hollow farm stay was, hands down, a huge success. the magic of blue: an introduction to natural dyeing at the farm stay at hill and hollow. done.



the farm stay, still under renovation remember, was transformed. on it’s acres and in it’s rooms we gathered: 10 adults,  8 children, and a new flock of 10 sheep for a day of sharing. a day so rich we were each deeply nourished. we dyed. we dined. we wove. we spun. we made connections that will last and yarn in the deepest colors.


i am still in awe of the event and still swirling in the delight of our day. creating such beauty with such amazing folks, wow.

harvesting the japanese indigo plant

harvesting the japanese indigo plant


picking the leaves off of the stems is way more fun with a group

picking the leaves off of the stems is way more fun with a group


oxygenating our dye vats

oxygenating our dye vats

one guest erin  is a skilled weaver. natural dyeing offers moments of down time, when a dye pot is steeping, when yarn is immersed in the vat, these are moments we took to offer even more opportunity to work with our farm’s fiber. with a table loom warped with hill and hollow yarn, each guest was able to weave a pouch. this weaving below was later cut into each individual’s pieces. what a lovely image representing the timeless beauty of fiber, friendship and collaboration.


dippin’ and pushin’ and pickin’ and plantin’

we are in the final days preparing for our first annual natural dye workshop. this means readying ourselves and our space to host and teach one of our favorite skills.


the to do list documenting what needs to be done to make this happen is too scary to share. i just want to take the briefest moment to start this week with a big, virtual, full of love and encouragement hug to all of you out there. for the teachers and mamas and papas and students transitioning to the school year: deep breath. to the farmers and farmwives planting the fall gardens while still picking summer fruits: deep breath. to each and every one of you taking multi tasking to a level you might never have even thought of before:  deep breath.

happy monday, love you all, blue is good.