right now::more firsts

Since Cher brought up the subjects of “firsts” last week, I just have to continue that stream, as we’ve had a series of our own. The kids were big enough this year to enjoy a trip into the BIG CITY on our vacation, so we ventured out to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

This meant taking our first city bus ride,first bus

and subway ride,first subway

on our way to the first museum we’ve explored as a family.

The dinosaur bones were pretty great,first museum

though Levon might have had just as much fun watching the crane across the street in action.first museum levon crane

I always enjoy birth-related art,first museum birth art

and there was just so much – an amazing collection. We couldn’t do it all, but we enjoyed what we did.first museum tiles

first museum all doneWe enjoyed it THIS much.

first nap