a day well spent

It was such a beautiful sparkly day.  After four inches of rain earlier in the week, the ground wasn’t dry enough yet to start into the multitude of garden chores that await us, but there was another important job to do.  shed1We bought our little homestead about nine years ago.  The house was simple.  700 square feet of floor space – two stories – no closets.  Lulah wasn’t even a year old when we felt crowded enough to began the addition.  It more than doubled our downstairs living space and soon became our bedroom, living room, and dining room.  We put a closet in the corner.

Add another child and several more years of living, and now we’re overflowing, again. shed2We’ve been batting around the idea of a storage out-building for over a year.  We even considered buying one of the ready-made sort from the local Mennonite community, but it’s just not our nature.  My Fellow Man and I walked the property, thinking of this location and that, conjuring up ideas, images, and long-range plans, then critiquing them to pieces.  We finally found the spot.  It was a unanimous agreement, which isn’t always easy to come by.  We fetched some blocks and boards and waited for the right time.shed3This after-the-rainy-day will do, for starters.

With good help from a good friend, we worked through the details.  This meant standing out on the work site with a tape measure and some fence posts, figuring out if we could actually build the box we planned.  Tweaking the south corner back, then the front line forward a couple inches.  Measuring this line, then that one, again and again.sourwood2We wanted to save the somewhat decrepit but endearing sourwood tree, and the tall straight wild cherry tree, with its accompanying grape vine.cherry We almost talked ourselves into cutting the sourwood, but in the end we listened to our hearts and forged ahead.

It doesn’t look like much, but if you’ve ever built anything you know that no ground is as flat as it looks, and square corners are not easily won.shed5shed6The children were eager to help, or at least to play in the presence of work.  Lulah is certain that this should really be her bedroom.  shed4

shed7Good works deserve just reward.  pieThis pie was made from the last bag of cherries from the freezer.  No regrets putting it toward a good cause.  After all, look what’s coming, so soon.   strawberryAs the pie baked, I looked around the house, eye-ing the bits and pieces here and there that will be leaving for the out-building before too long.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, certainly, and progress means different things to different folks.

Today, this is what it looks like to us.  shed8It was a day well spent.