right now :: save the date

After you feed your belly this beautiful Thanksgiving week, make your gratitude active and get knowledgeable about you food.  Here’s an opportunity for local food enthusiasts…

2015 food summit

this picture is a link to the event website.

This is a wonderful event.  Check it out!


right now :: 4th Annual TN Local Food Summit

OK, this is not actually right now, but it’s coming soon.  I just wanted to give you advanced notice.

The TN Local Food Summit is a good event.  Really interesting speakers come from all over the region, and outside of it, to talk about food.  There’s a lot to say about food, if you think about it.  There’s the growing, the preparation, the nutrition, the spirit, the economics, the politics.  Any particular take you have on the subject, you’ll likely find someone at this event to address it.

If you’re close enough – come check it out.  I’ll be there on Saturday afternoon, doing some kids activities with my friend Amy Potter.

Here’s the link…

4th Annual Summit.picture-2