inspired :: by yellow

We’re back from a nice long week away in the big north – Canada.algonquin 2

There are all kinds of paradises to be known in this world, beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that stuff.  We are happy to live in this southern paradise, and equally glad to have access to this northerly one.canada swamp walk

Its fair to say we basked in taking part in the things that just don’t happen here in the south.  Like the diverse evergreens, and the yellows…. (amazing golds)canada yellowcanada yellow trees

And the loons… (can you see them? its hard to get close.)canada loons

The water… (cold and clear)canada lulah canoelevon canoe ride 1canada island

So, it’s good to be home, where the oaks are still green and the tomato cages need to be stacked.  And, it’s good to be inspired by the time away.canada lake

weekend getaway

We had an unexpected adventure over the weekend… a few days out on beautiful Dale Hollow Lake. IMGP1552My sister and her family had rented a houseboat for the weekend but my brother-in-law was suddenly swamped at his work and couldn’t spare the time to make the trip down to the lake. Since Eric and I live so close to the lake, my sister thought we might be able to make use of their reservation so she offered the houseboat rental to us. Our answer was kind of a no-brainer. I mean, really… what would you have done? Even though we still had to pull off a harvest and market, and prepare all of the livestock and chickens for our couple-of-day absence, we figured the extra effort was well worth the hassle. 

We were right. It was a lot of work to pull off our escape but oh, so worth it! The lake was absolutely gorgeous. The water is so clear and deep, and the lake is so big and meandering that it is fairly easy to find a secluded bay to have some privacy, which is precisely what we did. I was so happy to find that the TV on the boat didn’t work, and that cell phone reception or internet access just wasn’t an option. Blessing of blessings. It was just the lake, the boat, my family, and a whole lot of fun. The boys spent a fair bit of time fishing, Opal and I knitted and knitted, and we all swam and played and had a grand time.  I think we just might have to make this adventure into an annual tradition!IMGP1619IMGP1597IMGP1590IMGP1585IMGP1576IMGP1572IMGP1615

Thanks, Cassie and Denny! The weekend on the boat was fabulous! much love from all of us… 

two teens

as if i didn’t have enough going on.

early june, the farm is in full frantic swing. we are going it alone (i.e. sans apprentices, an unusual twist for the farm) and, and, i am leaving. yep. you heard it. going on vacation.

back in the winter, the time when everything seemed possible, i booked a trio of tickets to california.  marin county beckoned and in a few short days,  we will go. this tale is not about my trip, no will hear so much about it here.  this week’s tidbit is about our guest for the days ahead:  my boy’s best friend.

with a second teen age boy on the farm, things here are a whole lotta crazy: everything is faster and louder and bigger! i must say, the delights of watching two buddies who have known each other since they were bald babes in arms, are too numerous to list.


and with that i bid you all farewell for a couple of weeks. i will be on the coast and totally unplugged. best of times friends, best of times.