right now:: 2015 blue

the japanese indigo is ready.  the dyeing season is officially underway. ready or not, we are turning it blue.

2015blueday one a total success. join us if you dare…

The Magic of Blue

an introduction to natural dyeing

at The Farm Stay at Hill & Hollow

Saturday August 22, 2015


Join us at Hill & Hollow Farm for a day of dyeing with our farm’s own organically grown Japanese Indigo. We will guide you through the whole process from harvesting indigo leaves, preparing the dye vat, readying the yarn, and finally dyeing the skein blue. From start to finish, this workshop will offer you hands-on experience with natural dyeing. In addition, there will also be weaving demonstrations and opportunities to work with raw fleece and learn about wool processing, . Participants will be provided an organic farm to table morning snack and lunch, and take home their own skein of indigo-dyed wool yarn.

Instructors: Robin Verson and Deanna Perlman

Cost: $250 per person

due to the hands-on nature of this process, the class is limited to 10 participants

working scholarships are available so if you are unable to attend for financial reasons, please contact us

a deposit of $50 is required to hold your place

children under 12 are welcome free of charge

limited accommodations available for overnight guests

hhcsa@scrtc.com  www.hillandhollowfarm.com  270.432.0567


love blue? join us 8/22

my love affair with japanese indigo began long ago, dear friends showed us the magic of dyeing with a farm raised blue and i was hooked.

as with any good courtship, ours developed over many years. there was a lot of dyeing, even more experimentation, and all kinds of fun.  there is no doubt in my mind a peak moment was when i dipped the first yarn our farm’s flock of sheep produced into a farm raised indigo vat  and watched the magic before my eyes. it was my birthday and it was the best gift ever.


now, years later, i am ready to share the magic. in fact, i am not only planing to share the magic, i am extending an invitation to share the community that has developed around me, our farm’s fiber and  our farm’s blue.

on august 22nd  we will gather here at hill and hollow farm for our fist natural dye workshop. it is a significant day just 4 short weeks away. a day when we will formally begin a totally new series of educational opportunities here.

photo 1

we are offering a full day of fiber fun.  it will be an introduction to natural dyeing offering participants the opportunity to harvest and dye with our farm raised japanese indigo.


it is most importantly a day of community.  sharing the role of educator with me will be a skilled weaver and natural dyer herself: erin.  we met over a shared love for the highest quality of natural dyeing and fiber work. amazingly, she will travel from indiana to share the weekend with us.


as if this wasn’t exciting enough, we have welcomed back fiber enthusiast and 2013 hill and hollow apprentice for another year of learning and sharing on the farm. deanna is a skilled knitter, spinner and dyer herself and will offer guests the opportunity to work with a raw fleece. taking it through each phase: washing, picking, carding and spinning into yarn.



i have been secretly calling this fiber boot camp and i am so excited to create this space here on the farm. i am giddy to gather with such wonderful fiber enthusiasts and i thought i might just spread the word. y’all should join us.

anyone interested can email me for the specifics hhcsa@scrtc.com or call, i love a good chat 270-432-0567.



right now :: crazy owl retreat

It’s pretty nuts for people like us to be trying to do anything other than bust our butts in the garden right now, but I get excited enough about this event to break away.  After all, it IS the Crazy Owl Retreat, so a little bit of crazy works just right.crazy owl banner

Our friend Crazy Owl was a smart, eccentric, independent and wise man.  He passed away several years ago but his memory lives on.

Crazy Owl believed in community.  And I’m not talking about pie-in-the-sky, always getting along, love-fest community.  I mean the kind of community where you don’t always have to agree, but you listen and talk and take a break sometimes and keep loving your friends anyway.

Crazy was a radical herbalist.  He believed that the medicines we need most of all can probably be found just a few feet from our front door, provided that there’s a patch of earth there.  He believed that the old wives who told those tales deserve more credit than we give them.

Crazy was a yogi.  He stayed up late and didn’t wake early, but it didn’t matter when he woke – he did yoga.  It might not have looked like the same yoga you do, but it was what worked for him and he knew it.

Crazy believed in freedom.  The freedom to be exactly who you are.  The freedom to learn and grow and love.  The freedom to be creative, intelligent, real and kind.

I could talk about Crazy Owl for a long time, he was the kind of man who generates plenty of stories, but what I’m getting at is the spirit of the gathering going on this weekend.  The Crazy Owl Memorial Day Retreat.  We are a gathering of herbalists, yogis, martial artists, healers, dancers, artists and a number of other folks who just love life like this.  We are a gathering of people who are willing to bring their chosen art to life and share it, and also partake with an open mind of what others have to share.  We’re stepping outside of the box of competition and coming out to play.

It’s really great fun.  owl 5

This year I’m leading a pranayama class, exploring the beautiful human art of breathing.  My Fellow Man, the most unassuming rock star I know, is doing a workshop on abdominal massage (chi nei tsang – incredible stuff).  And that’s just a drop in the bucket.  There will be loads of activities for kids, acro-yoga, paddle board yoga, fermentation and raw food workshops, hula hoop-livion, farm tours, talent shows, primitive skills workshops, herb walks, tae kwon do, capoiera (if you’ve done this – it’s awesome), and more more more!  (see the schedule here)

Everyone is welcome – local folks can drop in and make a donation for whatever part of the day you can stay.  Folks from out of town are welcome to pitch a tent and stay all weekend, or commute from our down home classy B&Bs a few miles away in downtown Red Boiling Springs.  It all takes place in the big bottom field at Long Hungry Creek Farm.  Our friend Jeff (the Barefoot Farmer) is a lovely host.

Take a break from your daily grind.  You can mulch your tomatoes next weekend.  Come, play with us…

Crazy Owl RetreatOwl 13